Jaguar Land Rover New Work Places at Cheshire Warehouse

May 12, 2012 at 22:02

Jaguar Land Rover announced that it will create at least 300 jobs at a new site of parts warehouse located in Cheshire. It was said that the Ellesmere Port facility would be opened due to demand for manufacturer’s Range Rover Evoque models as well as for Land Rover Freelander 2, which are currently produced in Merseyside. The Merseyside site is a part of an extra ?1 billion investment by Jaguar Land Rover in far more than 40 Great Britain suppliers for over the next four years. The sites who will benefit from that are immense, as well as the other main suppliers who are based in North Yorkshire, West Midlands and Gloucestershire.

Jaguar Land Rover Cheshire Warehouse Image

Jaguar Land Rover Cheshire Warehouse Image

The Ellesmere Port location was formerly used by the logistics and procurement company, the Syncreon Logistics. Its main aim was to supply the Vauxhall’s car plant, however the warehouse stood empty to that time. It is planned to be managed for the Jaguar Land Rover by the supreme logistics supplier DHL.
Jaguar Land Rover chief executive explained that global demand in the successful and elegant Range Rover and Land Rover models had been so strong lately that they even were able to boost the investments in the supply chain.

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