Land Rover Wants to Gain Some Titles

July 24, 2012 at 16:46

After the great winning of the title ‘Best off-roader of the year’ the Land Rover Company realized that they want to have some more prizes in their treasury. In such a way, the headquarters of the company have officially notifies the public that the special department, which would be looking for all the open contests will be developed in the nearest future. In addition, the task of this department will also lie in the process of preparing the cars before the competition and also digging all the information about the competition.

Land Rover Sport photo

Photo of Land Rover Sport

‘From now on, we want all the awards that Land Rover deserves to be in our company’, says the CEO of the Company. ‘We know that Land Rover is capable of many things and thus we want to tell to our main customers, that they have done the right choice and in such a way we will tell everybody else that this is the high time for them to make the same choice’. At the same time the Company is very optimistic and wants to have at least ten new awards by the end of the next year.

Photo of Land Rover car - black

Photo of Land Rover car - black

Among all the awards, which Land Rover wants to obtain there are the following ones – the safest luxury car, the best SUV 2013, the most ecological off-roader, the most luxury SUV on the market and so on.

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